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Your First Visit to Our Gainesville Practice

Your First Visit to A Center For Well-Being

You will be warmly welcomed and made to feel at home. Help is on its way!

When you come for your initial visit, you can expect to spend less than an hour at the office. We have a thorough patient history form that requires about 20 minutes to complete, and if you choose to download this form from the website you can complete it at home and eliminate some of the in-office time. After your history form, we ask you to watch a short (4 minute) video that explains some of Dr. Smith’s perspective and approach. If you plan to pay with your insurance, now is the time to hand the receptionist your insurance card so that she can perform a complimentary benefits check. After this, you are ready to see the doctor.

Two main goals of the first visit are to gather information and make sure you are in the right place. You will spend about 30 minutes with Dr. Smith, discussing your health concerns, conducting 2 computerized scans, physical testing based on your history and current health state, and discussing the findings. He uses a holistic approach to examination and treatment; Dr. Smith thoroughly reads and uses your information to gain insight and perspective on your health concerns. So the more you are prepared to engage in the form and with him, the greater insight you both will gain into your health concerns. When his exam dictates, he may recommend X-rays or other objective tests like MRI’s or CAT scans.

Dr. Smith will go over the scan briefly and send you back to the front desk to finish up. If he feels like you are in the right place to reach your goals, then he will recommend your first adjustment at your next appointment. If not, he will refer you to someone who can help. The receptionist will collect payment, schedule your next visit, and inform you of your insurance benefits (if appropriate).

Practie Members appreciate that we explain everything in advance!

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